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The Best Show Ever with Joe Fairless

At some point, most of us start thinking about retirement. John was ahead of the curve for most people and at a younger age started projecting out his income and savings. He realized retirement was not looking great, tried to figure out the stock market, then fell in love with real estate investing. Now he’s got a large portfolio and currently working on a 41 unit deal.


Commercial Real Estate Pro Network

Multifamily Due Diligence for Class C property investors can be the difference between paying extra attention prior to the sale, or paying dearly for unplanned capital improvements after the purchase.

Matt Hawley with Community First Investment Group, provides some insight to help investors avoid costly, unplanned expenses.

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Feature 3

In this episode, Whitney interviews John Fortes, Principal, Community First Investment Group, LLC. John REVEALS how you can to find and rehab an under-rented and undervalued property – to realize attractive returns for your investors and you.