Principal Partners



Mitch Comeau


Mitch Comeau, Founding Partner at Community First Investment Group, began his own business as a Tax Specialist when he started CF Tax and Accounting, LLC. His focus is helping individuals and small business clients navigate the complexities of the tax code. Mitch has a decade of experience in mutual fund accounting and administration. He began his investing career in single family homes through partnerships. 

From an investors perspective, Mitch provides thorough analysis when overseeing the financial aspects of a deal. His experiences has led him to helping others achieve financial success. Mitch's strengths work hand in hand with our partners to help increase returns through investments.

Mitch has his Masters degree in Taxation and a Bachelor degree in Finance and Accounting from Northeastern. 


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John Fortes


John Fortes, Founding Partner at Community First Investment Group, earned his stripes in the single family homes space. Excited to scale, he educated himself on the facets of multifamily apartments. Through his education ventures, he obtained valuable tools that added to his success in real estate investing. John is considered the Multifamily Chameleon cause of his ability to change and adapt to the ebb and flow that comes with the space.

John helped found Community First Investment Group because he recognized the opportunity to help others achieve financial freedom. His passions involve investor relations, education, empowering individuals through self-development, and officiating basketball games. John takes pride in daily operations of asset management. Not only does he work to network with the movers and shakers of the industry, he stays current with the market trends and continues his education in the commercial multifamily space. John has become one of the multifamily thought leaders in the space. he’s spoken on numerous panels at conferences and utilizes various resources to create multifamily focused communities.

John achieved his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and has consulted in the IT field for different sectors. 




Mathew Hawley


Mathew Hawley, a Principal Partner at Community First Investment Group, began his journey in real estate industry as a licensed home inspector in the state of Florida. Matt and his wife, Amy, own and operate Priority Home Inspections in Brevard County, Florida where they performed several thousand property inspections during their tenure. Their commercial inspection division, Multifamily Inspection Services, provides multifamily inspections throughout Florida and Georgia.

Mathew plays a critical role in the due diligence process. He assesses the overall condition of the property and all major systems. He organizes and oversees all operations and works closely with the property management team. 

Mathew is a proud father of four, a career Firefighter / EMT, and has dedicated his life to serving others. He enjoys spending time with his family and is passionate about educating his peers on multifamily investment opportunities.